You wake up in the middle of the night,

Feeling numb.

You get out of your warm blankets

Into the world where cold night persists.

Taking your hand to your heart, you try to feel.

You take a deep breath

Drawing as much air as you can

Whilst you sit and stare

The  night being a bit less empty than you.

And do you know why?

You have anaesthized your soul to pain.

You fear pain so much that you now have welcomed an eternity of not feeling any thing at all

Little you know

sometimes pain becomes inevitably important.

It is the pain that makes you able to feel at all.

It is the pain that makes your soul grow

It is this very pain you deny


You have to face pain in order to face yourself.




She was just 4 when she heard her parents fighting;there screaming voices still echoed in her mind. She was 6 and missed her father who left her and her mother alone. She was 7 when her mother brought her a new father and soon her other siblings came into the world,leaving her ignored and unnoticed. She was just 8 when she got bullied for being chubby and quite and she was just 16 when she went through a heart break at hands of the guy she loved.Her heart was a rubble of shattered dreams and broken promises.But in all those years she never let the boat of her hopes to drown in the wilderness of Ocean.Hoping that one day she might find the ISLAND  of happiness within herself.


The old lady sat beside me. I held her hands to comfort her, because her intense pain made all the words to fade away. But even the warmth of my hands made no effect on her shivering body, her tattered soul and her tearful eyes. And then I thought to myself how can you comfortt a mother who just lost her son in the hands of brutal officers who came to their land and deprived the muslim natives of their every basic right. Hope the world could just see the TERRORISM taking place in kashmir.